Join the Model Minority Mutiny

Abandon your Honorary Guard Posts.
Fight White Supremacy.
Fight Anti-Blackness.

“Anti-blackness is something that Asian/Asian Americans in the United States have historically participated in. It is not a matter that we can collapse into our “expertise” on race, racialization, and racial violence. When we use our racialization as Asian/Asian Americans to obscure anti-black violence (epistemological, physical, social and otherwise), to be an alibi for the desires of white subject positions—we are aiding whiteness. We are offering ourselves as token voices to be utilized by whiteness in its maintenance for white supremacy.”

“There is important and pressing work that those pulled under the Asian/Asian American identity by the racializing structure of America must do in order to examine and dismantle their own anti-blackness. We must acknowledge our own roles in perpetrating anti-black violence. We must educate ourselves about the myriad instantiations of anti-black violence within the legal and artistic institutions in which we participate. And this will almost always involve betraying our own privilege, abandoning our honorary guard posts, and acknowledging our own participation in that violence.”

Read the entire letter here.


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