Updates PLUS I will be reading tomorrow in SF!

Hi lovelies!

My new job at API Legal Outreach has been grueling, but rewarding. The org celebrated it’s 40th anniversary last night at the California Academy of Sciences and I am so grateful to be a new part of this amazing, hard-working family. And soon, soon I will learn to balance all these facets of my new life in the Bay Area, and get my act together–meaning: I want to write poems! I need to write poems!

But for now, I’d like to share with you three poems that went live online in the past week–these are all a part of my first poetry collection forthcoming 2017 from Sibling Rivalry Press (!!!!!)

“Stone” in Animal
“Birth of Aphrodite” in Origins
“Elegy in Blank Verse” in Quaint Magazine

I am so lucky to have poems forthcoming soon in other lit mags I love dearly and respect. Keep an eye out for them here!

Last but not least, I will be READING with my partner-in-poetry Kazumi Chin at Kearny Street Workshop’s APAture festival Literary Arts Showcase. There will be so many wonderful writers present! Check out their bios and buy tickets!! Would love to see you there.

Also, be SURE to check out the other phenomenal showcases at the festival!



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