Hello loves. I’ve been off the radar and neglectful to many of you, but I promise I will be back soon. heart emoticon I want to share a beautiful, important project curated by the luminous Alicia Salvadeo and Jenny Schaeffer featuring work from some of my wonderful friends, plus yours truly.

“In the spirit of the mission of Strong Women, Strong Girls (SWSG)—a non-profit organization supporting positive mentoring relationships between women and girls in underserved local communities—we aspire towards an open conversation about girlhood, engaging the imaginations and talents of adolescent and mature women writers. Our goal over the course of this year is to produce a collaborative body of work—spanning various generations, genres, forms, identities, and ideas—that will be accessible to all in an online format.”

Please read this incredible collection, including a poem by 14-year-old Kalina Pierga. I had the pleasure of responding to and collaborating with her on this round of grlhood.

Please note that grlhood is STILL OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS. Spread the word and join in!

“Girls (12-18)

We are currently accepting creative writing by girls, including and encouraging pieces by young trans writers. We ask you to send us written work—your essays, short stories, poems, dialogues, collages—that reflects your own personal concept of girlhood: how you may define girlhood, how your girlhood may define (or not define) you, your reflections on your social position as a girl, and the connection or disconnection you feel to female communities. This project is largely motivated by the idea that there is no fixed definition of girlhood: there is you.


We invite women (non-cis inclusive) artists and writers to read the work we receive from girls, and to respond to them with your own creative work. If you would like to be contacted for the response call, please e-mail, and we’ll add you to our mailing list.”


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