“Punctum Caecum” and “In Any Other Context, I Would” in Underblong

[As is the blood]” in Foundry

Dear Dogwood Bloomed” in The Margins

Aria as Subzero Winter” in Poemeleon, selected by Kenji Liu and Angela Penaredondo

Echo, After Narcissus,”in Unsplendid

The Year of the Horse is Dead” in Dusie, selected by Cynthia Arrieu-King

Heavy Rain” in Asian American Literary Review

“If You Love the Fur, Then You’ll Love the Beast” in HEArt, selected by Fatimah Asghar for special issue “Let Me Love Me”

“My Grandmother Puts On My Grandfather’s Sweater” in Banango Street

“Aria as Cowbird,” “Dear Doctor,” “In Memoriam, A Memorandum,” “My Grandfather’s Death is a Cottage at the End of the Ravine,” “My Sister’s Dance,” “The Owl Sheds in Dark Stars,” “Transmutation Traume,” and “We Are Siamese if You Please” in Adrienne

“In the House Made of Water” in Pretty Owl Poetry

“Portrait of My Mother as Mystique from X-Men” in Apogee

“Trichotillomania” in Cleaver Magazine

“My Mother’s Name is Cathy” in TYPO

“The boat, Michelle, does not agree with you” and “California” in Blunderbuss Magazine

[as if this mountain] in collaboration with grlhood

“Persephone’s Suitcase” and “My Father at the Disco Thinks of His Mother”in Cosmonauts Avenue

“Stone” in Animal

“Birth of Aphrodite” in Origins

“Elegy in Blank Verse” in Quaint Magazine

“But Helen, I am not golden in all that glory” and “Hush Up or Bark” in Powder Keg Magazine

“Cycles” in Bodega Magazine

“Delicacy” in The Journal

“Writing Home” in Aster(ix)

“Disorder” in Phoebe

“The Dream” featured when named “LoWriter of the Week” by CA Poet Laureate, Juan Felipe Herrera

“Chink” in North American Review

“Roundtrip” in Crab Orchard Review

“My Grandmother’s Shoji Screen” in Miramar

Three poems, “The Shape of Endometriosis,” “Insomnia,” “Speaking Through Post-its,” in The Packinghouse Review

“To Sylvia” in ZYZZYVA

“After My Mother’s Abortions” in Askew

“Ars Poetica” in Mosaic 50

“Because He Said He Needed This” in Leaf Garden Press

After He Hangs Up” in Rufous City Review

“My Mother’s Hands” in Fogged Clarity

“Joe” in fourpaperletters

“Insomnia” in Calliope Nerve

Three poems, “Ladybugs in the Tide,” “The Girl Falling Asleep At My Poetry Reading,” and “The Virgin’s Lament,” in Mosaic 49

“Yellow” in Breadcrumb Scabs

“Talking to Dead Poets” in Every Day Poets


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